As a singer and songwriter, Sinead is deeply, and unsurprisingly influenced by her island roots. Much inspiration can be found through the natural elements and unique culture that she grew up around, having been born and raised on the island of Bermuda. Each melody is an eclectic experience that combines heartfelt lyrics with beats handpicked to help bring each word to life. With a fun and playful but yet sensitive personality, Sinead’s focus as an artist is to blend an array of emotions together when delivering messages through song and visuals that will evoke her listeners and viewers to ultimately FEEL with no reserves.

 The branch of philosophy that focuses on aesthetics has been a large influence as aesthetic derives from the Greek work “aisthetikos”, meaning “of sense perception”. All things beautiful cannot be fully experienced unless each sense is engaged.


You will find that her writings are an amalgam of reality and fantasy, a mix of real life experiences and the fairy tale dream.

The name Sinead ‘The Flower’ came from her adoration for flowers because of their similarities to women: pretty, delicate, and an ability to make people happy instantly, a necessity. Sinead is a proud woman who like the flower, desires to bring color and fragrance to life. An island ‘ting with foreign dreams, Sinead feels that she has an obligation to herself more than anyone else, to share her work and put herself out there. What better legacy can one leave behind than to be used as a vessel of all things love, beauty, peace, and liberation? After all, our lives are our greatest message to the world.